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Posted : 08/06/2016

35mm Diameter Option – All Handlebars and Stems

We are very pleased to announce the addition of a 35mm diameter option to our range of Fatbar, Fatbar Carbon, Fatbar Lite and Fatbar Lite Carbon handlebars and Apex and Integra stems.

35mm diameter has seen a significant increase in use as an OE fitment over the last couple of years. This has resulted in Renthal now offering this as an option, for riders wishing to upgrade the handlebar or stem of their 35mm equipped bike. Our philosophy is always to offer as much choice as possible, so it was a natural step to offer the 35mm option.

Here are the specifications and details for each product group;


With all our new 35mm handlebar line, we saw the ride quality and flex characteristics being of optimum importance. For all our 35mm handlebars we have matched their flex characteristics to the 31.8mm equivalent. All 35mm diameter options have the same ride quality that Renthal handlebars have become synonymous with.

We have achieved the same ride quality with no loss of strength or durability and at a very similar weight to the 31.8mm equivalent. The only exception to this is the aluminium Fatbar 35. By improving the efficiency of use of material in this handlebar, we’ve reduced the weight significantly, whilst maintaining the same level the strength, durability as the 31.8mm diameter equivalent.

Additionally, we have increased the width of all handlebars by 20mm, taking the Fatbar 35 and Fatbar Carbon 35 to 800mm and the Fatbar Lite 35 and Fatbar Lite Carbon 35 to 760mm.

Here are the full handlebar range specifications;

Product Material Width Rise Options Backsweep Upsweep Weight
Fatbar 35 7050 Aluminium 800mm 10, 20, 30, 40mm 305g
Fatbar Carbon 35 UD Carbon 800mm 10, 20, 30, 40mm 225g
Fatbar Lite 35 7050 Aluminium 760mm 10, 20, 30, 40mm 270g
Fatbar Lite Carbon 35 UD Carbon 800mm 10, 20, 30, 40mm 190g

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Integra and Apex Stem

Our challenge with the Apex and Integra stems was to keep the strength, stiffness and durability of the larger 35mm diameter package at the same weight as the 31.8mm equivalent. Developing each stem from the ground up, but sharing the same 240 degree clamping system of the 31.8mm stems, the strength, stiffness and durability were all matched to the 31.8mm equivalent. An average of just 1.5g increase in weight for the Integra 35 and an average of 7g increase for the Apex 35.

Here are the full stem range specifications;

Model Material Length Rise Weight
Integra 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 45mm 0mm 133g
Integra 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 45mm 10mm 156g
Integra 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 50mm 0mm 157g
Integra 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 50mm 10mm 177g
Apex 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 33mm 6° / -6° 112g
Apex 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 40mm 6° / -6° 122g
Apex 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 50mm 6° / -6° 136g
Apex 35 7075/6082 Aluminium 60mm 6° / -6° 147g

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Range Expanded
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