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Using all of our racing experience, we have designed and developed SR4 Ultralite chainrings to offer the ultimate combination of lightness, strength and durability.

All Renthal chainrings are individually designed, by tooth size, to give the maximum strength to weight ratio. We use the highest quality aluminium and the hardest wearing surface finishes to keep your Renthal SR4 chainring running smoothly, in the toughest conditions, for as long as possible.

Renthal SR4 : Designed to ride faster, jump further and last longer

Hard Anodised

We use a hard anodising process to hugely increase the longevity of the SR4 chainring. The durable surface finish not only resists wear, but also keeps your SR4 chainring looking fresh.

CNC Machined

Each chainring is fully machined from high grade 7075 T6 aluminium. Computer aided design allows us to machine away all unnecessary material and retain an incredible strength to weight ratio.

Chain Compatibility

The SR4 is compatible with all modern 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed chains. Designed to work solely as a single chainring, in conjunction with a chain guide, and offer high efficiency drive.

Incremental Sizing

The SR4 is available in every tooth size from 32t right up to 44t. So the SR4 range can cater for specific gear ratios for your single speed bike, 1X cross country bike, DH bike or race BMX.

SR4 120 Specifics

The SR4 120 has an offset tooth bed, to give improved chainline when converting from a double chainring to a single. The chainring is also threaded to accept standard SRAM hardware.

SR4 104 Specifics

Sizes 32t through 40t have an offset tooth bed, for compatibility with chain devices using a bash ring outer guide. Sizes 41t through 44t have a centralised tooth bed, for better chainline when used on a race BMX.

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SR4 104 BCD
The Renthal SR4 chainrings are legendary in their stiffness and longevity. The 5mm thick Ultr..


SR4 120 BCD
The Renthal SR4 chainrings are legendary in their stiffness and longevity. The 5mm thick Ultralit..


Part Number Product Options Prices From
MCR100 SR4 104 BCD n/a $49.95
MCR104 SR4 120 BCD n/a $49.95
Product Part Number A B C D E F Options Prices From
SR4 104 BCD MCR100 $49.95
SR4 120 BCD MCR104 $49.95
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