Fatbar Lite Zero

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Fatbar® Lite - Zero Rise

Enhanced Aluminium™ : Control the trail

Trail Weight

The all new Fatbar Lite Zero Rise is at a market leading weight of just 270g. This is achieved with efficient use of material, removing any excess to reduce weight, whilst matching the strength, durability and flex characteristics of the Fatbar Lite.

Trail Geometry

For this zero rise Fatbar Lite, width is also increased up to a full 780mm. To align with our popular Renthal geometry, the 9⁰ sweep and the location of the bend from the centre puts the rider’s hands in the same angular location from the stem as with all our riser handlebars.

Trail Proof

The Fatbar Lite Zero features a hard anodised surface finish and, adding to the iconic AluGold colour, there is a black option. This incredibly durable surface treatment ensures the handlebar keeps looking fresh, no matter what you or the trail may put it through.


7 Series Aluminium

The Renthal Fatbar Lite is constructed from exclusive, high strength, 7 series aluminium. An optimised, taperwall tube is used to minimise weight, whilst maintaining maximum strength and durability.

Trail Geometry

A full 780mm trail width gives ample control in the most extreme trail conditions. With cut marks to 680mm, the Fatbar Lite Carbon can be tuned for everything from 29er trail control to XC race speed.

Shot Peened

Millions of tiny steel shot are blasted at high velocity at the Fatbar Lite, leaving a textured surface finish. This process vastly increases the fatigue life and hence durability of the handlebar.

Hard Anodised

The Fatbar Lite features a hard anodising surface treatment. This finish is far superior in abrasion resistance to standard anodising, to keep your handlebar looking new.

Positioning Grid

Laser marked onto the centre of the handlebar, a detailed set-up grid ensures you can centralise the bar in the stem and set your preferred angle accurately.

Permanent Graphics

Chemically applied and oven cured permanent graphics are super hard wearing and provide a subtle aesthetic look to coordinate with any bike.

Name Part Number Width Sweep Rise Weight Material
Fatbar Lite - Zero Rise M189-AG 780mm 0mm 270g 7 Series Aluminium - AluGold
Fatbar Lite - Zero Rise M189-BK 780mm 0mm 270g 7 Series Aluminium - Black
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Fatbar Lite 0mm Rise
The Renthal® Fatbar® Lite is the ultimate lightweight, trail-proof handlebar. We designed a..


Fatbar Lite 0mm Rise
The Renthal® Fatbar® Lite is the ultimate lightweight, trail-proof handlebar. We designed a..


Product Part Number A B C D E F Options Prices From
Fatbar Lite 0mm Rise M189-01-AG $86.95
Fatbar Lite 0mm Rise M189-01-BK $86.95
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